About us

"Digital Creativity is Our Happiness! And Webmaddy is our means to it."

It all began with our fascination for the infinite creative potentials that the web/internet held. The digital world is vase and ever changing, and we wanted to do something that would allow us to leave a creative mark in this world! Something that lets us utilize our problem solving skills but in a unique and memorable way. Hence, Webmaddy.

Our journey started with solo freelancing. Now we are a team of 12 people, who are variously skilled and equally committed. We have always been open to newest technologies, and have worked on future technologies at a time when people were sceptical about it. We are learners and hence, we never cease to educate ourselves on anything new and different that comes up in this industry. And this eagerness to stay ahead of the game is what has set us apart.

For us, Webmaddy is not just a job. It is our gateway to true happiness!

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